Entertainment and Media partners David Halberstadter, Joel Weiner and Gloria Franke Shaw are profiled in Variety's 2016 Legal Impact Report, which highlights the top attorneys working in Hollywood who had a major impact on the entertainment industry over the past year. Among other cases, David’s precedent-setting victory on The Hurt Locker case was noted. David stated, "The result has been a fairly strong statement that creators of works like this absolutely have a First Amendment right to tell these stories."

Joel’s work in winning a copyright infringement lawsuit regarding the hit movie "Ted," along with other successful motions to dismiss claims against a filmmaker, were recognized. Regarding his efforts to resolve disputes early, Joel stated, "My clients have the wherewithal to take cases to trial or settle; it's more satisfying to win the case before it gets to that point."

Gloria, who is profiled in the "Up Next" category of the report, was noted for her experience in complex entertainment, intellectual property, as well as copyright and trademark infringement litigation for a number of industry clients. Gloria stated, "Technology is constantly evolving and raising new legal issues, which challenges me to think creatively and find innovative solutions." ("The Variety Legal Impact Report 2016—David Halberstadter," "The Variety Legal Impact Report 2016—Joel Weiner," and "The Variety Legal Impact Report 2016— Gloria Franke Shaw," April 13, 2016)

To view a picture of Joel, Gloria and David at the Variety Power of Law event, click here (middle right column).