For the fifth consecutive year, the Daily Journal named Litigation partner David Halberstadter on its annual list of "Top Intellectual Property Lawyers" in recognition of his achievements and contributions in the intellectual property (IP) space. With more than 35 years of experience in the entertainment industry, David has established a reputation among leading entertainment companies, networks and studios as a thoughtful advisor and talented litigator in IP-related matters.

In a profile for David's 2022 recognition, the Daily Journal offered a snapshot of his wide-reaching practice that includes behind-the-scenes counseling on potential projects for networks and studios, which often entails "chain of title" analyses to assess whether clients can produce and distribute entertainment content without risking copyright and other claims.

"Somebody has to read the original source material and watch the other derivative works and tell the studio what things they can’t do," David explained. "And I get to do that. This is probably the most fun part of my work."

The Daily Journal noted that David's practice also includes reviewing scripts and conducting rights analyses for clients. For example, he currently is counseling on the development of a television limited series based on a true crime podcast.

Regularly recognized as a leading litigator in the entertainment industry, David's work often addresses allegations that an entertainment company, network or studio stole someone's written work or life story. The Daily Journal highlighted a couple of David's recent victories, including dismissal of one of several unrelated federal lawsuits raising various idea theft and appropriation claims in connection with the television series "Power". David also recently secured dismissal of another federal lawsuit alleging that an episode of the television series "Bull" was lifted from a pilot script submitted by the plaintiff in a writing contest. The latter case is now pending on appeal.

Touching on his long-standing pro bono relationship with Ms. Magazine, David discussed his sense of fulfillment when reviewing and clearing every issue of the magazine before publication.

"In the process, I get to learn about all the issues impacting women globally. I feel good about that because I have a wife and two daughters, and I like to be up on these things," David told the Daily Journal.

2022 Top Intellectual Property Lawyers, Daily Journal, April 20, 2022

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