Katten Intellectual Property partner Floyd Mandell and associate Julia Mazur successfully represented PepsiCo Inc. in a significant win regarding a trademark suit brought by a sports nutrition consulting firm, regarding The Gatorade Company Inc.'s slogan "Gatorade The Sports Fuel Company."

The judge found that Gatorade was not using the slogan as a trademark, as the company's house mark and its G-bolt mark appear more prominently than the phrase. He also noted that the words "sports fuel" are descriptive, and that the consulting firm failed to offer evidence that would support reasonable inference that Gatorade acted in bad faith. Katie Montiel Vidaillet, director of Public Relations and Communications at The Gatorade Company stated, "We are pleased with the outcome of the case and look forward to continuing our mission to fuel athletic performance."

Read "Pepsi, Gatorade Slogan Deemed Fair Use in Trademark Row," Law360, in its entirety.

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