"2020 was not easy, however, Katten performed exceptionally well both as a law firm and as a community. We found ourselves in a challenging year due to the economic uncertainty and unprecedented business environment. Any slowdowns in deal-making were offset by clients' need for counsel on the nuances of pandemic-related developments, such as PPP loans, employee issues, furloughs, etc.," said Mark Solomon, managing partner of the Dallas office, in a recent interview with The Texas Lawbook.

In the interview, Mark discussed the greatest challenges the firm faced, two attorneys that really shined in 2020, the firm's most important non-client achievements, the firm's most significant move forward when it comes to diversity, the firm's biggest pro bono/public service success,  and the number one goal for 2021.

When asked about the firm's biggest public service success, Mark said, "In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Katten stepped up to launch and participate in innovative remote legal clinics to address the COVID-19-related needs of vulnerable communities, and helping disadvantaged individuals who have struggled with the health and economic consequences of the global pandemic. Katten attorneys also addressed a range of problems posed by the pandemic from homelessness, foreclosure and eviction to providing career opportunities to disadvantaged students."

Throughout the interview, Mark demonstrates how proud he is of the firm and its attorneys.

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