Radiology Business featured Health Care partner W. Kenneth Davis, Jr.'s recent presentation at the Radiology Business Management Association's PaRADigm Conference exploring legal and other issues in sales of radiology practices to investor-owned physician practice management companies (PPMCs). From his vantage as a PPMC agnostic, he urged constant introspection by practices on many factors that contribute to success, even if the practice may never sell to a PPMC. He walked the audience through Caesar's legendary crossing of the Rubicon for its metaphor to going beyond a point of no return, and said, "If you do this deal, you are selling your practice. Do not lose sight of the fact that, when you sell your practice, it will never be the same again. You are selling your practice." ("RBMA 2019 PaRADigm: Investor-Owned Management Companies are Buying, but Should Radiology Practices Be Selling?," April 17, 2019)