Litigation partner David Halberstadter was featured among the 2023 Top Intellectual Property Lawyers by the Los Angeles San Francisco Daily Journal, in part for his representation of the Starz Entertainment cable network and the producers of its hit television series, "Power."

So far, David has "vanquished five federal copyright and defamation lawsuits against his clients, with one more headed to mediation next month," according to the Daily Journal. David noted that a main problem with the lawsuits’ claims is that the plaintiffs’ stories are not "substantially similar" to the show’s actual characters or plot.

"If I were to characterize what I’ve been doing the last couple of years, among other things, it’s spending a great deal of time and effort defending the integrity and originality of this show’s creator and its network," David said.

Additionally, David is defending the network and Lions Gate in copyright action against the show "P-Valley." He also handles other types of media-related litigation, including a lawsuit over a shopping center’s use of a photograph of a model and fashion influencer last June.

"Top Intellectual Property Lawyers 2023," *Los Angeles San Francisco Daily Journal, May 17, 2023

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