About Yaesul Park

Yaesul Park works with clients to protect their intellectual property assets. She advises companies of all sizes on sell- and buy-side deals, assessing risk to help them successfully acquire or sell their intellectual property assets. She provides a wide range of other services, including licensing, trademark clearance and advisory to software, employee agreements, privacy and data security matters.

Narrow focus produces a broader understanding

Yaesul served as a Public Interest Law Initiative (PILI) fellow and as an associate editor of the Northwestern Journal of Law and Social Policy.

Prior to earning her law degree, she served in a variety of policy roles, including at the American Medical Association, Foreign Agricultural Service and the White House.

Practice Focus

  • Intellectual property ownership
  • Patent, copyright and trademark licensing
  • Trademark clearance and advisory
  • Employee and independent contractor agreements
  • Software and open-source software
  • Domain names
  • Trade secrets