Transactions in the world of entertainment and media are often complex and contentious, creating opportunities for financial and creative success and requiring careful negotiation to optimize benefits and manage risk. At Katten, our Entertainment and Media Transactions team handles matters involving the acquisition, development, production, financing and distribution of motion pictures, television programs, digital productions, video games, and other entertainment and media properties. We are at the forefront of changes that are transforming the entertainment and media businesses, positioning you to capitalize on the rapidly emerging opportunities.

Focusing the spotlight on your success

At Katten, we focus our services on seeking targeted, strategic solutions to the issues presented by the continuously expanding and evolving entertainment and media landscape. Our attorneys structure and negotiate deals to help clients realize the maximum value from their entertainment and media assets and take advantage of the technological changes that are creating new opportunities and challenges. Our team's extensive background in development, production, distribution, licensing and other transactions of all kinds involving entertainment and media assets ensures that our clients receive cutting-edge representation informed by deep knowledge of established industry standards and of the ways in which these standards are being changed and disrupted. Our services include:

  • Handling acquisition, development, production, financing and distribution of motion pictures, scripted and unscripted television series, digital products, video games and other entertainment properties
  • Assisting with financing of productions and slates of production
  • Aiding with the acquisition of, sale of and investment in production, distribution and digital media companies, as well as film, music and television libraries
  • Counseling clients in connection with the production and licensing of motion picture, television and other content for distribution via internet-based and other digital platforms
  • Providing legal representation in mergers and acquisitions, public and private offerings of debt and equity, film and television financing, strategic alliances and joint ventures
  • Negotiating agreements for entertainment industry executives and writing, producing, performing and other individual creative talent
  • Advising on domestic and international licensing and merchandising and intellectual property rights
  • Representing a wide range of entertainment and media businesses

Large, established companies. Independent production companies. Individual talent. Entrepreneurs. At Katten, we understand the legal needs of businesses of all sizes and individuals in the entertainment, media and related industries. Our clients include:

  • Motion picture studios
  • Television networks and streaming platforms
  • Film and television production and distribution companies
  • Animation studios
  • Entertainment industry executives and entrepreneurs
  • Creative talent
  • Internet and digital media companies
  • Interactive game developers and publishers
  • Record, digital music and music publishing companies
  • Print and electronic book publishers
  • Companies based outside of the United States in transactions in the US entertainment industry
  • Commercial and investment banks, private equity and individual investors
  • Licensing, merchandising and consumer products companies

"Katten is a very experienced and capable firm which is able to creatively solve unique issues in a practical manner."

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