About Jeffrey D. Glickman

With a practice dedicated to estate planning and trust administration, Jeffrey D. Glickman helps clients at all levels of wealth with their myriad and unique legal issues — both for matters during their lifetime and legacy planning beyond. A CPA and former tax accountant, Jeff combines his nuanced legal acumen of estate planning with the complex tax considerations of transferring wealth. Jeff's clients appreciate his attention to detail and his robust analytical skills. Jeff believes that estate planning is too important and can be too costly to correct. So, Jeff puts extensive effort into ensuring clients achieve their goals, no matter what unknowns may eventually surface. With extensive and comprehensive experience working with corporate trustees, Jeff is a sought-after counselor for trust modifications, providing the best service possible — and creative solutions — for all types of clients. He is licensed to practice law in Florida and Illinois and is a trusted resource in advising clients on establishing Florida residency.

Educating and empowering clients should be part of any good estate plan or administrative matter

Jeff makes it a point to ensure his clients truly understand the mechanics of their estate plans so clients can see for themselves that their wishes have been properly addressed. He firmly believes estate planning is too important to simply rely on an attorney's say so. Estate planning (and the tax strategies that go with it) are often not intuitive. Jeff breaks down the various estate planning components, using terms and illustrations that make the abstract much more understandable. He also helps clients with transferring their ownership interests in their businesses to best leverage their available estate planning techniques. In addition, he helps ensure that business owners have a well-designed succession plan in place for the next generation so that uncertainty regarding the direction of the business can be mitigated to the greatest extent possible.

A large portion of Jeff's practice focuses on assisting corporate trustees in their administration of trusts. Many trusts can quickly become outdated or no longer perform in the way the trust was initially intended. Jeff and his team identify tailored and creative solutions to enhance the administration of the trust (either by a trust modification or a change in approach to the administration of the trust) that help strengthen the trustee-beneficiary relationship for all involved. Jeff drafts all types of wealth transfer documents, including wills, revocable living trusts, dynasty trusts, charitable trusts, insurance trusts, grantor retained annuity trusts, QTIP marital trusts, and other complicated non-grantor trusts and grantor trusts, as well as various agreements to modify irrevocable trust instruments (including nonjudicial settlement agreements and trust decantings). He also prepares gift tax returns, estate tax returns and handles all aspects of probate estates in Illinois and Florida.

Previously employed as a tax associate at PwC in Chicago, Jeff has experience drafting corporate and partnership tax returns. This familiarity with the tax code and tax strategies adds immeasurably to his ability to effectively counsel clients in estate planning and administration.

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Practice Focus

  • Private wealth
  • Fiduciary litigation
  • Private client services

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