About Mitchel C. Pahl

Navigating the complexities caused by today's increased government regulation and oversight in the areas of executive compensation and employee benefits is critical for today’s businesses. Those complexities create both challenges and opportunities for businesses in designing and operating effective compensation and benefit arrangements. That's why public companies, financial institutions, government institutions, private equity groups and high-net-worth individuals turn to Katten partner Mitchel Pahl.

Tailoring solutions to meet the needs of each client's business

Mitch's deep experience in the areas of executive compensation and benefits extends to both tax and ERISA, and includes matters relating to M&A and other corporate transactions, tax-qualified and nonqualified plans, private equity, legal and regulatory compliance, nonprofit benefits, and special issues connected with globally mobile executives. His wide-ranging industry experience includes such diverse fields as technology, financial services, pharmaceuticals, real estate, energy, banking, retail, health care, and food and beverage.

Mitch's private equity experience focuses on ERISA Title I matters — investment vehicle and fund formation and operation — as well as the tax, employment and other issues raised by upper-tier management compensation arrangements maintained by partners and LLCs. This allows Mitch to provide comprehensive counseling to clients in connection with their day-to-day business activities and also their in-house operations.

Throughout his career, Mitch has been involved in numerous high-profile corporate transactions, many of which raised cutting-edge compliance issues involving employee benefits and executive compensation. Mitch is also widely recognized for his work relating to global executive compensation matters. He has worked with clients in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North, South, and Central America.

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