About Shana E. Ramirez

Corporate clients rely on Shana Ramirez to secure the financing they need to grow and accomplish their critical business goals. Shana approaches each deal with a big-picture focus that helps her clients get what really matters to them — within the time frame her clients need.

On-time financing deals that deliver what's needed

Shana helps clients with a variety of financings and arrangements, including acquisition finance, leveraged finance, subordinated debt facilities, asset-based credit facilities, subscription facilities, NAV facilities, management lines, investment-grade credit facilities and first lien/second lien transactions. She works with clients in a broad range of industries with multijurisdictional operations, including technology, entertainment, health care, financial services, retail manufacturing, beverage distribution, and hospitality and leisure.

Practice Focus

  • Acquisition financing
  • Asset-based financing
  • Fund-level financings, including subscription facilities
  • First lien/second lien transactions

Representative Experience

  • Represented security products/services corporation in acquiring a cybersecurity hardware/software company and an identity theft protection monitor.  *
  • Represented leading technology company in its working capital facility and acquisition of a travel booking company.  *
  • Represented national hospital staffing firm in acquiring a physician group practice focused on delivery of hospital medicine and related facility-based services.  *
  • Represented New York-based private equity firm in various debt financings in support of existing portfolio investments and subscription facility financings for certain of the private equity firm's funds. *
  • Represented New York-based private equity firm in acquiring a restaurant supply company and provider of food service supplies, restaurant equipment, restaurant supplies, and design services.  *
  • Represented New York-based private equity firm in acquiring an investment management company and a firm that provides investor-led advisory services for management and boards of public companies.  *
  • Represented San Francisco-based private equity firm in acquiring a software and learning analytics company and a home security company. *
  • Represented Denver-based private equity firm in acquiring three leading North American mountain resort and adventure companies and a subordinated debt financing provided in its investment in a mountain resort company.  *
  • Represented administrative agent in a variety of financings, including working capital facilities for each of a resource- and technology-based company that develops, produces and markets a broad range of specialty mineral, mineral-based and synthetic mineral products and related systems and services and an American media company involved primarily in the production and distribution of feature films and television programs.  *
  • Represented registered investment funds in asset-based credit facilities.  *
  • Represented real estate investment fund in a master portfolio financing program.  *
  • Represented financial sponsors in debt financings for their private equity, real estate, infrastructure, energy and other investment funds.  *
  • Represented pro bono clients including an asylum seeker during the asylum application process; two families with their adoption petitions in the Los Angeles County Children’s Court; and victims of domestic violence with their U-visa applications.  *
* Experience prior to Katten