About Kenneth M. Jacobson

Commercial real estate investors trust Kenneth Jacobson to guide them through high‑dollar transactions in all kinds of economic environments. He helps capital providers like real estate investment trusts (REITs), commercial banks, insurance companies and investment funds invest in commercial real estate through a world of different product types and investment structures. Thanks to a rigorous focus on issues that matter, Ken executes deals with maximum efficiency.

Staying focused on client needs

Ken has a well-honed ability to distinguish between peripheral issues that drain the time and energy of all parties, and deal terms that truly affect his clients' interests. He keeps his attention fixed on the latter. Together with his organizational skills and attention to process management, he is able to put his advice into action quickly.

In markets good and bad, Ken uses investment structures and product types that meet his clients' needs. His deals involve most sectors of the commercial real estate market, including offices, hotels, multi-family apartments, industrial buildings and mixed-use facilities.

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Practice Focus

  • Real estate ground leasing
  • Real estate finance and lending
  • Debt and equity capitalizations
  • Portfolio acquisitions and sales
  • Restructuring and disposing of distressed assets
  • Venture formation and equity investment

Representative Experience

  • Represent purchaser and ground lessee in acquisition of improvements and leasehold interest of Southeastern US office building and related borrowing of a leasehold mortgage loan.
  • Represent secured lender in conversion of loan to preferred equity investment in the owner of a multi-state lodging portfolio.
  • Represent mezzanine lender in mezzanine financing for urban cooperative apartment conversion project.
  • Represent mortgage lender in construction mortgage financing for Southeastern US hotel and condominium resort community development.
  • Represent borrower in mortgage financing of national credit tenant lease portfolio.
  • Represent purchaser in acquisition of commercial real estate assets of, and real estate lending business from, US commercial real estate lender.
  • Represent preferred equity investor in residential condominium development project in Eastern United States.
  • Represent borrower in mortgage financing for US-leased fee estate portfolio.
  • Represent mortgage lender as repurchase line of credit facility seller in repurchase financing facilities.
  • Represent borrower in subscription financing line of credit for investment fund.
  • Represent mortgage lender in restructuring and assumption of mortgage loan on Midwestern hotel.
  • Represent warehouse lender in warehouse line of credit to brownfields mortgage lender.
  • Represent seller in disposition of Western US hotel portfolio.
  • Represented purchaser in acquisition of approximately 1.1 million acres of US timberland and related debt and equity capitalization. Represent seller in subsequent disposition of the acquired properties.
  • Represent equity investor in disposition of condominium development project and related formation of development venture with preferred equity and common equity capitalization for Southeastern US property.
  • Represent ground lessor in sale of improvements and ground lease of land pertaining to mid-Atlantic office building.
  • Represent ground lessor in sale of improvements and ground lease of land pertaining to Midwestern office building and garage facility.
  • Represent purchaser of ground lessor's interest in Western US multifamily and mixed-use project.
  • Represent borrower in mortgage financing of US portfolio of ground lessor's ground lease interests.
  • Represent ground lessor in ground lease of to-be-constructed multifamily project in Western United States.

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