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Practical Solutions

A New Captain at the Helm — The Impact of Chairman Tarbert's Appointment on the Future of the CFTC

What will be the priorities of the CFTC under new Chairman Heath Tarbert and his mostly new leadership team? Senior Katten advisory and litigation attorneys look into their crystal ball and speculate on the matters the CFTC may address over the next 16 months.

Katten Represents Highlander Partners in Purchase of Evans Food Group

Discover how Katten’s Mergers and Acquisitions team stepped in to help a top global food producer substantially expand its growth in the marketplace.

Bite in the Tail for British Airways and No Holiday for Marriott

Katten attorneys examine the impact of nearly £283 million in proposed fines by the UK Information Commissioner’s Office on a major airline and hotelier for data breaches.

Creative Thinkers

Michael Lohnes Takes a Look at New Shareholder Activist Demands and Their Challenges for Directors

Shareholder activism remains a significant issue for companies and their directors and officers. Securities Litigation partner Michael Lohnes addresses what companies should be aware of when it comes to the new demands shareholders are making of boards, management and directors across all industries.

Doron Goldstein Talks Impact of California Consumer Privacy Act on Hospitality Industry

How will the CCPA influence the way hotels think about managing large volumes of personal data, who has access to it and with whom it can be shared? Privacy, Data and Cybersecurity partner Doron Goldstein investigates.

Financial Services Partner Provides Insight Into "Credit for Cooperation" in Enforcement Penalties

“Everyone under investigation wants to receive “credit for cooperation,” says Financial Service partner
Susan Light, and the question is “how do I get that winning lottery ticket?” She delves into how FINRA’s recent
regulatory notice provides guidance.

Inclusive Approach

Diversity is a reality. Inclusion is a choice.

We choose inclusion.

We are committed to having the brightest lawyers on our team, and we recognize that the best talent is diverse in many ways, including gender, race, sexual orientation, national origin, and ability.

Recognizing that our attorneys are at the heart of our business

If you're seeking to join a firm where you can enjoy exceptional career opportunities, as well as the resources to help you take your personal and professional goals to the next level, take a closer look at Katten.

Making the most of our experience, background and skills.

To make the most of your career, you want to join a team that not only supports the strategic goals of the firm, but also your personal goals for success. Katten is that team.

Helping to build your career is at the core of our business.

You want to put down roots at a law firm that's there to support you in building your future. A firm that provides you with access to the learning, development and experiences you need to achieve both your professional and personal growth. That's Katten.

Pro Bono at Katten

"At Katten, we believe we have the professional responsibility to advocate for people who have no one in their corner. We are committed to providing pro bono legal services because everybody wins - our neighbors, our communities, our attorneys, or firm."
- Roger Furey, Chairman

Case Studies

City of New York and NYC Health + Hospitals: Proving FCA Allegations Wrong

Katten litigators worked together to secure a US Court of Appeals affirmation of the District Court's dismissal with prejudice in this important False Claims Act case brought in the Federal District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Fannie Mae: Expanding Securities Offerings

When Fannie Mae undertook to offer REMIC-eligible credit risk transfer securities, it turned to an international and interdisciplinary team of Katten professionals to accomplish that goal.

Meta Financial Group: Transforming a Savings Bank's Business

A team of Katten attorneys helped a publicly traded savings and loan holding company client acquire a privately held bank holding company and insured depository institution, substantially broadening and increasing the size of the client’s financial services business.

Starrett City Associates: Making History With Affordable Housing

Katten's Real Estate team helped orchestrate one of the most complex and high profile real estate transactions of its kind.